1003 - ZeSmoothy Care - Cleanser

1003 - ZeSmoothy Care - Cleanser

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ZeSmoothy Care-Cleanser is an oil-based formulation with softening and moisturizing nutrients and botanical accents; it easily removes all traces of lipcolor, without irritating the lips or leaving a greasy residue

ZeSmoothy Care-Cleanser is especially effective in removing long-lasting "Vernis a Levres" (liquid lipsticks) from our ZeVeryvery-Laque (matte) and ZeVeryglossy-Laque (metallic) Collections. No extra rubbing needed. No irritated lip surface. 

Our compact airtight jar of fifty presoaked mini pads offers simple, practical and economical daily use for more than a month.

Recommended Use 

A single pad is generally enough for complete lipcolor removal.

When ready to remove one of our "Vernis A Levres" (Liquid Lipsticks). Gently dab the pad on lips to start dissolving the color; swipe one or two times to remove the color from the lips.

Then gently tissue any remaining traces, leaving lips soft and supple 

Paraben free - Fragrance Free - Gluten Free - Vegan

Made In USA

#ForeverKissable #FrenchBrandMadeInUSA

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