1002 - ZeSmoothyCare - Primer

1002 - ZeSmoothyCare - Primer

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ZeSmoothy Care-Primer has a light creamy texture that smoothes the lips to a silkier finish. This primer glides over the lips surface, leaving a thin film that gives lips a powdery, velvety appearance.

ZeSmoothy Care-Primer limits superficial dehydration, repairs lips texture and disminishes the appearance of fine lines.

ZeSmoothy Care-Primer optimizes our “Vernis A Levres” (Liquid Lipstick) application, strengthens adhesion and, by acting as a fixative for color, considerably extend wear.

These results are particularly effective with ZeVeryvery-Laque Collection matte and ZeVeryglossy-Laque Collection metallic finishes.

The foam applicator wand makes use simple, practical and economical

Recommended Use

Apply a small touch of ZeSmoothy Care-Primer to the center of each bare lip and gently spread the product with the pad of a finger toward the corners.

Paraben free - Fragrance free

Made In USA

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