1001 - ZeSmoothy Care - Refiner

1001 - ZeSmoothy Care - Refiner

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ZeSmoothy Care-Refiner gently softens the lips. This dessert-like formula that has a subtle sweet taste and a touch of mint, is made from natural oils, emollient and has a sugar cane extract as the active ingredient. It delicately exfoliates the lips without irritation revealing their original softness. Its non-abrasiveness preserves this fragile and sensitive area and allows frequent use.

From the first use, lips are silkier and more naturally beautiful - a must for those who want to go “au naturel” or any man who simply wants to improve his image.

The added benefit is regular use of ZeSmoothy Care-Refiner optimizes the application of our “Vernis A Levres” (Liquid Lipsticks) for a more spectacular result.


To complete the exfoliation with ZeSmoothy Care-Refiner, apply a thin layer of ZeSmoothy Care-Optimizer to rehydrate and nourish the lips.

To maximize the effect of exfoliation over time, you can regularly add ZeSmoothy Care-Optimizer to your AM and/or PM skincare routine as needed, when you are not wearing one of our “Vernis A Levres” (Liquid lipstick)

When you do wear one of our lipcolors, opt-instead for a thin and light layer of ZeSmoothy Care-Primer to ease application and long-lasting appearance, particularly with ZeVeryvery Laque matte finish formula or ZeVeryglossy Laque Metallic finish formula.

ZeSmoothy Care-Refiner is delicate and non-abrasive, but it is not recommended for use on lips that are very dry or chapped. Initially opt for a restorative first step by using ZeSmoothy Care-Optimizer alone as needed throughout the day to nourish, quench and revitalize the surface of the lips

Paraben free

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